Better Payment Practice Code

Our Company is committed to dealing fairly and professionally with all of our supplier partners. One way that we do this is by working to the Better Payment Practice Code. In short, this means that we aim to pay at least 95% of invoices within the agreed terms, unless there is a dispute. For most of our partners, this would be within 30 days of the date of invoice. However, for suppliers who can demonstrate that they are a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), we bring payments forward to 10 days or sooner.

  Number Number Total % No   Value Value  Total % Value
  Within target Outside of target Number within   Within target £ Outside of target £ value  £ within
2017/18 Invoices Paid 6,720 2,987 9,707 69%   6,208,447 8,468,865 14,677,312 42%
 NumberNumberTotal% No ValueValue Total% Value
 Within targetOutside of targetNumberwithin Within target £Outside of target £value  £within
2018/19 Invoices Paid7,5814,20511,78664% 8,868,4396,862,77815,731,21756%
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