About us


SWFT Clinical Services Ltd is an established wholly owned subsidiary of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. South Warwickshire NHS Trust was awarded Foundation Trust status in 2010, and became one of the first in the country to set up a limited company as a business subsidiary. Since then, many other Foundation Trusts have gone on to set up similar businesses, utilising a model that is now well established.

Business purpose

SWFT Clinical Services Ltd commenced its operations in March 2011. The company has been founded using a traditional business sector model which gives it the ability to identify and deliver a flexible approach across a range of non-clinical estates and facilities services and private health provision.

The primary purpose of the organisation is to make a profit through commercial activities. All profits made by the company’s trading activities are reinvested in the business, gifted to charitable organisations or returned to the Trust.

In 2013 SWFT Clinical Services was formally registered as a Social Enterprise and received the Social Enterprise Mark in January 2014.

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